Be careful, your look  for prom will follow you forever.  Parents love to document this event often as much as a wedding.   Fortunately, and thanks to MAD MEN, the trend is leaning classic Old Hollywood- something I think you could look bak on and not cringe.
If your stylist is new to the business, up-do's may not be their forte. Find on who loves them. Making an appointment for a dry run takes much of guess work out for the stylist and the student. To make thins easier, I have selected oodles of IMAGES for you too choose from. Going to your salon armed with a visual aid ups your chances of a happy event! ~Tina
BEYONCE: self proclaimed stylist!
"And as for her hair, Beyoncé admitted that that's one area where she likes to experiment. "I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tips. I can cut and style my own hair." She even recently gave herself a two-inch trim! "I just parted it in the middle and chh-chh-chh," she said. I think that's the kind of bravery that can only come with having a mother for a hairstylist!"-HOT TOPICS.
No, no, NO!
Beyonce thinks because her mother is a stylist-she's one, too? If her mother was a lawyer does this make her one? And in reverse, her mother is not a singer!  Let's stick to what we know, people.  And step away from the scissors!~Tina
I have been asked, what's the harm in cutting my own hair?  Nothing, if you are willing to wait for the mess to grow out.  Hair grows approximately 1/2 inch a month so the pain of a home 'do gone wrong, is lengthy! HA!  I know that by the time you have decided to try a new style, you want it yesterday. It's OK, I hear it all the time. Getting a "day of" appointment is easier than you think. It's difficult for me to fill a late cancelled appointment so, pick up the phone and not the scissors! ~ Tina
CAMERON IS CRYING!(a teachable moment)
OK, so the story is that her stylist made a "mistake"....a misunderstanding?  The difference between the hair cut you get and the one you want is the communication.  Check, check and then double check that you and your stylist are speaking about the same things.  Take along a visual aid, I have selected hundreds of hairstyle images HERE for you.  It is equally important to explain what you don't like as it is what you do. Cameron's kitchen fiasco can happen to anyone. When a client says to me," just do what you want, I trust you," scissors down...time to talk further!


French braiding your bangs out of your face is cool and comfortable for summer.  Your hair doesn't need to be one length for you to get this look.  This girl has a wonderful friend helping her out with the braiding but you can achieve this on your own with a little practice!  Let me know how you do. :)